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Bookkeeping Excellence: A Case Study by Intellgus


In the dynamic world of e-commerce, maintaining a streamlined accounting process is paramount. Medium-sized businesses, with their burgeoning transaction volumes, often grapple with ensuring accuracy while managing overheads. Our client, a thriving e-commerce entity boasting a monthly turnover of AUD 1M, faced a similar conundrum. Overwhelmed in-house teams, ballooning expenses, and persistent data mismatches were the trifecta of challenges that beckoned a robust solution. This case study delves into how Intellgus Offshore Staffing rose to the occasion, harnessing a blend of specialized expertise and cutting-edge software, to revamp, refine, and revitalize the client’s accounting landscape. Dive in to discover the transformative journey that led to significant savings and elevated productivity.

Client Profile: Industry: E-commerce Size: Medium-sized business with a monthly turnover of AUD 1M.

Requirement: Streamline accounting processes, minimize errors, and reduce overheads.

Challenges: Inefficient Bookkeeping Process: The client had an in-house team that was overwhelmed with the volume of transactions and struggled with maintaining consistency.

High Overheads: The cost of maintaining a full-time in-house team was draining the company’s resources.

Data Inconsistencies: There were frequent mismatches between recorded transactions and bank statements.

Solution by Intellgus Offshore Staffing: Dedicated Offshore Team: Deployed a team of three dedicated bookkeeping professionals who specialized in e-commerce accounting. Integration of Modern Software: Used advanced bookkeeping tools to automate most of the repetitive tasks and minimize errors.

Regular Audits: Initiated weekly audits to ensure the consistency and accuracy of recorded data0

. Results: Reduced Overheads: Achieved a 40% reduction in bookkeeping costs, leading to significant savings.

Increased Accuracy: Reduced data mismatches by 95% within the first quarter. Streamlined Processes: Freed up in-house resources to focus on core business functions, leading to a 10% increase in productivity.

Philip Sean

Aussie Accounting

With Intellgus Offshore Staffing handling our bookkeeping, we’ve not only saved money but also time. Their team’s expertise and dedication have brought a newfound efficiency to our financial processes.